swimsuit shopping

ok, i know it is january, but i've already started my search for the girls swimsuits.  last year i waited until april and everything was picked over.  i really didn't like what kelby ended up with.  i'm pretty picky when it comes to their swimsuits.  they have to be 1. cheap (the girls are so rough on them, i can't justify spending a lot of money) 2. a tankini for kelby (i like the idea of a two-piece because they are easier when it comes time to go to the bathroom, but i still want coverage) kevyn still gets a one-piece.  :)  and 3.  straps that do not go behind the neck (i know how uncomfortable they make me, so i don't want to do that to the girls).  picky, i know.  so here is what i've found so far...


Flower Skirted One-Piece Swimsuit

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