end of summer

today is the first day of school.  and to cap off the end of summer, we headed to a nearby waterpark with my parents and my sister's family.  it is a smaller park, but we love it for our age kids.  and the girls love it too!  they are getting to be quite the swimmers.  we were also pleasantly surprised when we pulled up and the parking lot was almost empty.  maybe it was because it was tax-free weekend here in texas or maybe it was because school starts today.  either way, the girls were really excited that they could pretty much walk right up to any slide they wanted and get right on!


kelby and kevyn

kelby babysitting neely

too sweet!

nat using perfect form ;)


kelby with a bandaid on her busted chin (i didn't want the sun to get it)

kevyn with a mouth full

neely playing in the water

the picture i probably shouldn't post.  darren and jeff slid neely down a waterslide.  this picture was taken right before she figured out what happened.  it wasn't pretty...

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