busy, busy, busy...

the past few weeks have been very busy for us - i'm sure you've noticed by the lack of posts!  the first weekend in october, jeff and i along with two other couples made a trip to san antonio.  the boys golfed while the girls enjoyed the spa and shopped.  we stayed at the westin la cantera which i highly recommend.  it has the perfect setup for a weekend getaway (it requires very little driving once you get there).  we can't wait to go back with the kids!
i stole this picture off their website :)

the only somewhat decent picture i took that weekend.  we had so much fun - i forgot to snap some pictures! 

we have also finished up with kelby's soccer season.  in the beginning she was very nervous and had many fake injuries that almost took her out of the games.  i am proud to report that by the end of the season the nerves left and on her very last game she scored a goal!  i think she was just as shocked as we were!

this one makes me smile because many times we saw these two deep in a game of stacking bottles or rearranging the bench...  so funny!

funny story...  somewhere during the season someone asked her what she wanted if she scored a goal (i'm nearly positive this was a grandparent).  she said she wanted a unicorn - lol!  after she scored her goal she told us, "turns out, when the big flood came, the unicorns were off playing a game and weren't paying attention so they didn't get on the ark.  they got flooded."  so darn cute and such a good answer.  i'm thinking she told her teacher about getting a unicorn and this is what her teacher told her.

and finally, this past sunday the girls got their pictures taken in their halloween costumes (that will get its own post!).  they took pictures in la grange, so afterwards we headed to the busy b for a little shopping.  the busy b is such a cute store and kelby was able to give me many suggestions for her upcoming birthday.  we did however go ahead and buy these canvas painting kits.  the idea was that i would supervise the painting so that the finished product could be something we would hang on their walls.  again, that was the idea.  the reality was that mid project i ran inside to check on something in the oven and by the time i came back out kelby had decided to go in another direction with her picture.  

the finished products:



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