rain boots

it was quite an exciting morning for us!  we had a bad storm blow through and were without power for about an hour and a half.  luckily for me i was already back from the gym, had my smoothie made and was out of the shower about to put my makeup on.  i could hear the wind starting to pick up and even thought to myself "i better get dressed before the power goes out..."  but i didn't.  instead i found myself in the dark with no idea where to find a flashlight.  i made my way to the kitchen and found some matches and somehow managed to get a candle lit and from there i was good.  i lit a few more candles and then was able search the drawers until i found a flashlight.  the girls slept through most of the power outage.  i didn't see what the point was of waking them up - it's not like we could get dressed...  eventually i heard them moving around and kelby and i decided to crawl in bed with kevyn for a while.  it is so hard for them to understand how we are dependent on electricity for everything.  "no we can't make waffles.  no we can't watch cartoons.  yes, you will still have to go to school today.  eventually."   
the girls decided to migrate to my bed to wait for the electricity to come on while i was busy on the phone making sure our clinics had coverage, power, etc.  
on the up-side, the girls got to wear their rain boots to school today which is a rare event :)

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