house renovation update

the house is coming along slooowly.

we are at a point that where all the subs want to come in and do their trade but only at a point when they feel confident that no other sub could potentially mess up their work.  and they want to do it on a day when they are the only tradesman working.  ugh...  i'm pretty confident that if this scenario was in a different setting and consisted of women, they would be called diva's.  just sayin'.  i guess i should be happy that all the subs take such pride in their work.

we've opted to keep the long leaf pine ceilings in our living room and in the adjacent office.  other than the holes that the need to be fixed, i think it looks great.  the hvac guys thought it would be ok to put a return air vent in this ceiling (the large square hole in front of the back windows).  they assured me they would put a nice looking vent there.  i assured them there was no such thing as a nice looking vent.  the vent was moved to a logical place and they will be fixing my ceiling.  

my countertop people are scheduled to come out and do their field measurements tomorrow and this is what my kitchen looks like as of wednesday evening.  i swear it is like two steps forward and one step back.  i'm constantly questioning and correcting things.  my contractor keeps telling me that these "changes" take time and i'll reply that they "are not changes, only corrections."  in a previous post i had a picture that showed where our built in refrigerator would be.  it never looked right to me and i questioned it often.  over the weekend i made the call that the small wall on the left of the refrigerator would have to be moved in order to get the look i want.  removing the wall would also mean fixing the ceilings and floor.  so here we are...

our wood floor guys also started on wednesday.  i already love them.  our house poses many obstacles when it comes to our floors transitioning from room to room due to the many times it has been remodeled.  i love that the suggestions the floor guys give me are clearly not the easy way to do things.  which i'm sure i will pay heavily for in the end, but today i love them.

on a side note, jeff's garden at my parents house is flourishing.  the pumpkins have pretty much taken over the right side of the garden.  we planted them pretty late this year so we might end up with some christmas jack-o-lanterns.  kelby is eager to pick the carrots to take to the class bunny at school.  i think she still has a few weeks before they are ready.

and yes, jeff likes to wear his old scrub bottoms for painting and gardening.  :)

jeff also transplanted some of the canna's from my grandparents house (which is now my house) to the side of my parents garage.  they seem to have made the move just fine.

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  1. I remember that all too clearly! I'm trying to forget. I made subs come whether they liked it or not. Afterall, you are the customer, right? Also, corrections are very necessary and my take on it is you'll regret it if you don't get it done the way you really want it so take the extra little bit to do it. We redid more things than I can even remember because I blocked so many things out. Just think: you are ALMOST there and once you are in, all this craziness will be history. UNLESS, you let your husband install the hardware and he messes up the measurements and then you have to bondo and repaint many cabinets (like what's going on today in my house ;)