update: the perfect socks for toms

this is kind of a random post, but i recently looked at my traffic stats and found out that a crazy number of you guys who come across my blog are here because of this post:

i some how oddly feel obligated to let you know that i've found a better sock for toms for my girls that i totally love.

Nordstrom No-Show Socks (3-Pack) (Kids)

Nordstrom No-Show Socks (3-Pack)

these socks from nordstrom are thicker and more elastic'y (it's a word).  i should also mention that they are not only great for toms, but they are also great for converse or any other shoe that looks better without socks.  

so there you go.  i'll be able to sleep at night now knowing that i've sent all you guys in the right direction.


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