we are in! (a long overdue post)

i've been hesitant to do my "we moved in!" post.  yes, we are in, but there is still so much that needs to get done.  i want to be able to show finished product pictures.  not pictures that are followed by a list of all the things that are still missing or incorrect.

today, since jeff and i are both off for the holiday, we had our contractor schedule some of the trades to come by and work since we would both be around.  for the record, i hate having strangers in my home around all my stuff.  especially when jeff is not around.  it is now 10:30 a.m. and we have yet to have anyone show up.  hopefully they will come soon.

despite all of this, we are thrilled to be moved in!  jeff and i have a long list of projects we want to get done.  first up, the garage and yard.  our goals for february include:
  1. have a garage sale
  2. organize and paint the interior of our garage
  3. have rain gutters installed
  4. have a rain reservoir system installed
as rooms become complete, i'll be sure to share them with you guys.  but for now i'll share a before and after of the exterior of the house.  last may i announced the exciting news of purchasing my grandparents house and shared this photo: 

and here is what our home looks like today:

i'm not going to give you the long list of everything that still needs to be done.  just know it is not done ;)

and do you see that handsome guy working on the left side of the picture???  that would be jeff who is digging up these things:

from what i'm being told it was a border around flower beds that have since been overgrown.  i don't remember them, but my sister does.  i'm not really sure what we are going to do with them.


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  1. Looks awesome! I love the white. I'm excited to see how your kitchen turned out. Send pics! Do you like your countertop? I'd love to hear your experience with it.