i had really good intentions on doing an elaborate post on valentines, but then life happened and my day didn't go as planned.  i did managed to snap a few pics of the girls as we were literally running out the door, but the pics are so poor i'm not going to embarrass myself by sharing them.

these are the treat bags we shared:

(if your thinking those cookies look crumbled, you would be correct.  this was the lucky treat bag kevyn got to bring back home.)

supplies included:
i then created the labels using various fonts and let the girls stuff and seal the bags.  way too easy!  AND...  i've made it even simpler for anyone who wants to copy this by sharing the labels i created.  just click here!

hope everyone had a great valentines!



  1. What a wonderful idea! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. So cute! I'm pretty much obsessed with striped straws!! Thanks for linking up to my Get Social Sunday link party!