weekend review

I’ve really stunk at blogging lately…  I hope most of you follow or just check out my instagram feed.  Although I can’t say I’m really good at that either… 

My last post was a month and a half ago.  Since then we have celebrated Jeff & Kevyn’s birthdays.  A good wife/mom would probably go back and write up a really awesome post for each of them, but I know these two know how crazy life has been and can hopefully just settle for a shout out in a random blog post.  I love you both so much!  Muah!

My grandfather, who was 97, passed away at the end of August and he too probably deserves his own post.  His funeral was beautiful and I’ve had several people comment to me on how much they enjoyed it.  Odd, I know.  It truly was a celebration of his life. 

Immediately following his burial, we headed to our annual family reunion.  I swear my grandfather planned it like this.  He knew everyone would be flying in for the reunion and it would only make sense to combine the two events.  The reunion also probably deserved its own post.  You can view past reunions here and here

I’m a slacker.  I know. 

So what’s up with us you ask?  Where do I start???

Soccer.  Natalie & Kelby are again playing soccer (and are on the same team thanks to yours truly!) and Kevyn is also playing this year.  Nat & Kelby have moved up a level and now play with goalies and a lot more rules (that I don’t understand).  I am admittedly a loud cheering momma and all the extra rules really make me self-conscious.  I don’t know if I’m cheering correctly.  I need a rule book or QR guide.  

Kevyn now has several games under her belt and seems to be enjoying soccer as well.  Of course, the first game I missed (volunteering at a fundraiser) she kicks her first goal.  Of course.  She ended up kicking two that night.  Talk about wanting to immediately become under achieving member of society and quit all volunteer work.  Just kidding.  Maybe.  She has since scored more goals none of which I've seen.  The problem with both of them playing is that Jeff and I race back and forth between fields because games typically overlap.  Ugh...  

This is where I would like to insert pics of the girls in action, but it honestly has been a struggle for me to get any good pictures this season...  I get so into the games I forget about my camera.  I did manage to get this one of Kevyn that I like.


The same week that school started and soccer practices started, cheer lessons also started.  I again managed to get Kelby, Kevyn and Natalie all on the same team.  It’s probably not the best fit for each individual child, but at this age they really don’t know any better.  I really have no idea how we would be doing it if they were on different cheer teams. 

The most exciting news that I have to share is about my sister.  She has had a bummer of a summer (you see what I did there).  She was hospitalized twice for an extended stay and came home each time a little weaker than the last.  As if fighting cancer wasn’t enough, she has also had to fight infections as a result of her weak immune system.  She is seriously the strongest person I know.  In early September she started a new med and although we don’t have the clinical data to prove it, we as a family all feel it is working.  Her lymphoma has produced some large tumors in her lungs which causes a cough.  When the tumors shrink, the cough gets better.  When it grows, the cough gets worse.  Currently the cough is better.  Not gone, but better.  Praise the Lord!  Annnd...  all of her counts have stayed within limits that do not require her to receive any transfusions or decrease her dosages.  Amazing!  The plan is to do two cycles of this med (2 months) and then another PET scan.  But before I get any text or emails in another month to question PET scan results, I should also mention that NOTHING goes according to plan with cancer.  That use to really frustrate me, but after some counseling from my sister of all people, I have surrendered to the fact that God has a plan.  And although it might not be the plan we wish, it is the correct one.

Currently she is going to Houston 1-2 times a week and either Darren or myself take her.  Mom, aka Granny, stays behind to be the bus driver of the previously mentioned activities and chef.  I have no idea how other cancer patients who do not have a strong support system do it.  It truly is a team effort with Holly having to bear the brunt of it. 

In other, lighter news…  It’s Fall y’all!

The first week of fall has been glorious!  We started to decorate our front porch last weekend.  If you remember, last year we were still not in our house so I just pinned images of fall porches.  Not this year!  Ideally I would like about 10 more pumpkins, but this will have to do for now.

I also need to find a fall wreath.   I really like this one I found on pinterest, but I'm having trouble sourcing it...

Bittersweet---my favorite. Love it for the fall to decorate.

After soccer games Saturday morning, Jeff and I picked up two items we purchased at an estate auction.  The high boy is going to get cleaned up and put in our master bedroom.  We also purchased an industrial maple top table that we plan to use on our back porch.

Sunday was absolutely perfect in my opinion.  After church and the gym, we spent the day at home getting things done around the house. And by “get things done,” I really mean eat more yummy goodness.  Have any of you ever tried the two ingredient pumpkin bread recipe?  You must!  You can thank me later.  J

Pumpkin Bread


Preheat oven to 350-375 degrees.

Combine cake mix with pumpkin in a large bowl. 

Mix thoroughly -- batter will be VERY thick -- and transfer to a baking pan sprayed with nonstick spray; bake in the oven until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean. Refer to cake-mix box for pan size and approximate bake time. Batter can be made into muffins, a bundt cake, or into a loaf.  I like to sprinkle a little powdered sugar on top before serving.

Added bonus:  it will make your house smell super yummy!

So there ya go!  We’ve caught up AND I shared a recipe! 

I hope to have a post up later this week to share a few things our family is loving this fall.

~  becky


  1. I love that bittersweet wreath though would probably poke someone's eye out on my door since we use the front door all the time. I hope you find one:)