halloween 2013

halloween 2013 was a great one.  the girls are old enough to enjoy all the spooky goodness, but not too old that dressing up isn't cool anymore.  about two months ago i asked them what they wanted to be for halloween.  that might seem like really far in advance, but we live in a tiny town with one small wal-mart (not even a super wal-mart) and if i was going to get four costumes together i was going to need some time to shop online or make a trip to the big city. ;)  i suggested a few themes they could all work with and i think i sold the three oldest on a few of my suggestions.  neely on the other hand was not having any of it.  she wanted to be a ladybug.  again.  for the second year in a row.  and then she somehow convinced all the girls to be ladybug's with her.  not sure how she did it.  i then made them all raise their right hand and take an oath that they would not change their mind.  and if they did, they would wear their pajamas to go trick-or-treating in.  i recorded it on my phone so i could replay it for them when they would start to waver.

i must admit, four identical costumes was pretty darn easy.  we ordered the leggings, tutus (which, in my opinion, is the sole reason why the girls wanted to be ladybugs) ,and leotards, and my mom (aka granny) made the wings.  

in the days preceding halloween, kelby requested to ditch her tutu and wings and be a gymnast or to turn her cute ladybug costume into a zombie ladybug.  i reminded her that her wings closely resemble a super-hero cape and then gave her a ton of glow sticks and necklaces to distract her.

kevyn had a pumpkin party at school and her class paraded through the "big school."  their chapel buddies in third grade had special treats for them.  kevyn was especially excited to parade through first grade.  her big sister however did not share the enthusiasm.  kelby's initial response was to give kevyn the stink eye and then completely ignore her.  i moved closer to kelby's desk so i could catch a picture of kevyn parading past her, but kelby made it very clear a picture would not be happening.  geez...

after pizza for dinner, we hit up our old neighborhood for trick-or-treating and then headed back to the girls school for their fall festival.  

hope you all had a happy and safe halloween as well!

~ becky

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