neely's 4th birthday

last weekend we celebrated my sweet niece's fourth birthday.  i can't get over that she is now four! 

 it seems like overnight neely has gone from toddler to little girl.  although she still enjoys at times being babied (especially from older cousin kelby who thinks she can carry her) she is really wanting to be treated just like one of the "big girls."  this little stinker definitely has a lot of her daddy's genes.  you can tell she up to something sneaky by the look in her eye's.  she is also very compassionate and loving.  she melts my heart when she tries to protect me from the other girls who are jokingly attacking me.  thanks buddy.

neely originally decided on a doc mcstuffins party but then quickly changed her mind to a sofia the first party.  kevyn had a sofia the first party in september so i was able to use a lot of her leftover supplies.  score!  

we thought that having a party in february would almost certainly mean indoor only activities.  we were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous day it turned out to be.  i think jeff pulled out every "outdoor" toy we own and we spent the majority of the party outside.

kelby has been doing a lot of sewing with granny.  mainly pot holders.  but she did manage to sew neely a quilt for her barbies.  kelby was really proud when giving it to her.  

i didn't get a good picture of the pinata we made for her party with my "real" camera.  you'll have to go to my instagram feed (see right sidebar) for a picture.  jeff and darren really doubted its durability and questioned why i just didn't buy one.  duh...  because it would have been nearly as cute!  to their surprise, after we went through the line three times, darren had to assist in tearing into it to get all the goodies.  fine craftsmanship.  ;)

at the end of the party we released ladybugs.  just like we did at my sisters funeral.  for those of you who don't know, it was my sisters wish that every time we see a ladybug we think of her.  wouldn't you know that earlier that evening we found a ladybug in our mudroom.  i'd like to think she attended the party as well.

happy birthday neely!

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