spring break 2014

unlike last year, this year for spring break with out busy schedules (and lack of planning) we decided to stay relatively local.  we ended up camping three nights at lake somerville.  we had planned on staying four, but mr. weatherman predicted bad weather for the fourth night so we packed up early and came home.

our days were spent kite flying, trail hiking, fishing, teepee making, bike riding, playground playing, book reading, and lots of s'more eating.  overall it was really relaxing and nice not to be on a schedule.  i'm totally guilty of forgetting that sometimes less is more in the way of vacations (and so much else).

and i'm totally going to use the less is more excuse for the short narrative on this post.  ;)  

you can check out my instagram feed in the right side bar for a few more pics from our trip. ->

this last picture makes me smile.  i was letting neely take a few pictures with my camera to keep her busy instead of trying to climb on the rocks and this is one of the pictures she took.  love it!


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