croc love

i absolutely LOVE crocs!  they are so durable and i don't mind when my kiddos go stomping through the mud.  all you have to do is spray them off with the water hose and they look like new again!  plus, my kids can not wear flip-flops to school so crocs are perfect.

in recent months my oldest has become quite picky about her clothes.  in fact, she refuses to wear the majority of clothes i buy her.  ugh!  so this past weekend i took her shopping so she could show me the things she liked.  we stumbled upon a pair of crocs that she said she would actually wear - yeah!  but they didn't have her size - boo!  they are pink and sparkly.  i knew i had to find them online and i did. 

kelby already has a pair of the croc flip-flops, so i ordered these for kevyn.

now each girl has a pair of the clogs and flip-flops.  i think we are ready for spring :)

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