this silly thing works!

a few weeks ago we had a garage sale.  my oldest, kelby, decided to sell some of her items and then wanted to spend her hard earned money immediately afterwards.  we went to wal-mart where she bought some bracelets.  she had about $4 left and wanted to keep looking.  i was in no hurry and thought it was kinda fun and a good lesson so i let her look around for a while.  we left wal-mart and walked across the parking lot to bealls.  she found a purse on sale for $8.  i told her she did not have enough money so now she is on a money saving kick.  i made chore charts for her to follow and they work like a charm!  the whole thing might have taken 20 minutes and i'm sure many of you who are more computer literate could do it even quicker.  i simply googled clipart images (because she is not reading yet) and put them into a publisher document.  she gets to put stickers on the chart as she completes each chore.  at the end of the week - pay day!

morning chores - make her bed, put pajamas in the dirty clothes, take breakfast dishes to the sink, and brush teeth

evening chores - pick up toys in bedroom (i struggled for a good image), pick out tomorrows clothes, put any dishes by the sink, brush teeth
kelby is well on her way to getting that purse!

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