Kelby is 5!

Today Kelby turns 5!  I don't think it hit me until I was uploading some pictures from this morning and I made a new folder titled "Kelby's 5th Birthday."  For some reason that is what did it for me.  I'm such a baby... 

Kelby asked her Grandma to make cupcakes for her class.  We thought for sure she was going to suggest princess themed or butterflies or some other really girly idea, but she didn't.  She wanted turkeys!  She knows her birthday is close to Thanksgiving so she thought it would be fitting to have turkeys.  That totally took me off guard!  So here are Kelby's cupcakes.

Thanks Grandma for making such amazing turkey cupcakes!  They were a huge hit when I dropped them off this morning :)

And since I won't be able to be there when they pass out the cupcakes, I had Kelby and her teacher take a quick photo.  Mrs. Nancy had a special hat for Kelby to wear.  I'm sure she will be wearing it all day!

Happy Birthday my little turkey!

By the way, we took several birthday pictures this morning, but I didn't realize until I uploaded them that she had her eyes shut in every single one except this one where she is posing it up for the camera ;)


  1. LOVE that she insisted on turkey cupcakes!

  2. Love y'all girls. Should b fun filled long weekend for us. :-)